Frequently Asked Questions

I remember saving YouTube videos in my Library, now they are gone, what happened?
Current has shifted its focus to Internet Radio. YouTube videos that were saved to your profile before October 11th are no longer available in your profile. Please learn more about this in our Medium post
Can I connect my Spotify?
For the time being, Current is removing the ability to connect Spotify Premium accounts until a later date. Please learn more about this in our Medium post
Can I connect my YouTube?
For the time being, we will be removing access to YouTube videos until a later date. Please learn more about this in our Medium post
Can I connect my Apple Music?
For the time being, we will be limiting/ or removing the connection of Apple Music accounts until a later date. Please learn more about this in our Medium post
What is this $5 credit?
The $5 credit is displayed in the top right corner of the waitlist screen, for users who have no been granted access to their Earn feature. Credit screen is meant to represent the future in-app points you’re entitled to once the feature is rolled out.

We’ll be providing you access to your wallet in the next 24 hours. Please check back soon and start earning points!

Once you get access to your balance, you'll be able to purchase the in-app feature called "Record Radio" which allows you to record any station and save recordings for offline listening later. We'll be broadening our catalog of premium features and purchasable goods including access to premium streaming services such as netflix and Hulu.
Why am I on a waitlist?
The strength of our community depends on us delivering on our promise: to earn points for playing music. We built a waitlist feature to gradually allow users to test the feature and optimize its success. Once the feature is stable and ready for prime-time, we’ll grant all users access to the Earn feature.
Why did so many people get a text message saying I gave them $5?
The only way we can send text messages on your behalf is by getting your permission. For every person that joins Current from your invitation, you get a reward! Once you get access to your Balance, you’ll be able to track which friends have signed up and the amount of points you’ve received from your referrals.
How do I earn on Current?
The more you play, the more you earn! Everyone who signs up can play curated radio stations in Current and earn in-app points called CRNT. During the media playback, you’ll encounter several opportunities to generate CRNT. We’re constantly adding more ways to earn, so look out for important updates!
How do I spend my points?
Points can be spent in various ways- we’re starting with an in-app premium feature that grants users the ability to record music for offline usage and will be adding gift cards, cash-out features, and CRNC tokens in the coming months. Learn more about CRNC here.
How do I earn more per play?
With every tap of the play button, you can earn points. The speed at which you earn is based on how much of your profile has been completed and how long you are consuming. Our most valuable users play frequently and share preferences generously and we want to reward them for their contributions!
Do I need Spotify Premium and Apple Music Premium to play music on Current?
No, you can use one of our 100,000+ radio stations to listen to music freely and in the background. If you do have a premium account on the above networks, you can use them within Current to earn CRNT.
How do I get music offline?
In order to get music offline, choose a radio station to play and press record at the beginning of a song you like. Once you’re done recording, press stop and the recordings will be in your Library in the “Saved Songs” section. Please note this feature will only work for users with the premium upgrade.
What are points?
Points are the in-app credit that rewards users for their time, attention and data during the media streaming experience. We strive to keep you in control of your data and provide insight into value every person provides the larger ecosystem. The platform is powered by private blockchain-based technologies.
What is CRNC?
CRNC is a utility token powered by the Ethereum Network that will be traded within the Current ecosystem for points. This token is available to private sale participants, bounty, referral and airdrop participants before making it available to a broader audience. To learn more about CRNC, please visit